Bio: My name is Barry R. Clarke. I have a PhD from Brunel University, UK, on the thesis 'A linguistic analysis of Francis Bacon's contribution to three Shakespeare plays: The Comedy of Errors, Love's Labour's Lost, and The Tempest'. My paper 'The Virginia Company and The Tempest' questioning Shakespeare's access to the Strachey letter appeared in the Journal of Drama Studies (July 2011). A book chapter 'The Virginia Company's role in The Tempest' examining Bacon's connections to the play appears in Petar Penda, 'The Whirlwind of Passion: New Critical Perspectives on William Shakespeare' (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016). I write mathematics and logic puzzles for The Daily Telegraph and Prospect (UK) magazine. My books of original puzzles include Puzzles for Pleasure (Cambridge University Press, 1993), Mathematical Puzzles and Curiosities (Dover, 2013), and Extreme Logic Puzzles (Puzzlewright Press, 2014). Challenging Logic Puzzles Mensa (Sterling, 2003) has sold over 80,000 copies and is an 'Brainteasers' bestseller. Since its creation over ten years ago, my puzzles website has received over half a million hits! I also have a research degree and publications in quantum mechanics, play guitar, and draw cartoons. My latest book is "The Quantum Puzzle: Critique of Quantum Theory and Electrodynamics" an academic treatise on the foundations of physics for World Scientific Publishing.

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